Nov. 28 - Dec. 2: The Virtual 5-Day Holiday Reset

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By Olivia Whapham |

Nov. 28 – Dec. 2: The Virtual 5-Day Holiday Reset

Dr. Weston Talking With Participants

Join Dr. Marguerite Weston & Friends As We Recalibrate Our Health Heading Into The Holidays 

Let’s be real: we’re going to cut loose a little during Thanksgiving – and that’s OK! We deserve a little break from our normal routines around this time of year. As the dinner leftovers dwindle and the dust settles after the in-laws leave, we will be kicking off our 5-Day Pre-Holiday Reset!

You Don’t Have To Wait For The New Year To Be The Best You

You’re officially invited to join us virtually from Monday, Nov. 28 until Friday, Dec. 2 for 5 days of mindfulness and wellness. Functional Medicine expert Dr. Marguerite Weston, Nurse Practitioner Angie Scala, Medical Aesthetician Nikki Rucinsky and our friends at Rise Chiropractic & Nutrition are coming together to deliver a steady stream of healthy living insights that you can actually use in your normal routine – right when we all need it most! 

What We’re Going To Cover: 

Dr. Weston Going Over Supplements

Each day, our specialists are going to put the spotlight on different facets of our health. These will include:

  • What toxins you can remove from your diet today
  • Which exercises and stretches truly optimize our bodies for daily life 
  • How mindfulness translates to physical health improvements
  • What recipes and foods we should actively incorporate into our typical week and which supplements are worth taking
  • (And our personal favorite) How to get great sleep

If You Rock The Challenges, You’ll Be Entered To Win Rewards! 

Having more energy is a prize on its own, but we’re going one step further by offering rewards to the most dedicated participants in the event. Wellness supplements, specialized teas, mindfulness journals – all of these are up for grabs if you get involved!

Dr. Weston will be looking out for the following to decide the winners:

  • A drawing for recipe submissions 
  • A drawing for motivational posts
  • The most event invites to friends 
  • The Wellness MVP (the most engaged) 

How To Join & What To Expect  

This part is simple – all you have to do is RSVP to our official Facebook event! From there, you’ll receive notifications and updates from Dr. Weston and our wellness team.

You can expect a pre-planning video a few days before the event kicks off, telling you everything you’ll want to grab at the grocery store to help with the next week of mental and digestive recalibration. We’ll publish the next talk each afternoon, along with answers to your written questions and the next social challenge. 

Cap It All Off With The “Walk With Weston” Saturday, December 3 

Dr. Weston And Angie By The Link Bridge In Dublin

While our virtual event will wrap up on Friday, every participant is also invited to our inaugural Walk With Weston in-person gathering on Saturday, December 3 at 9 a.m. (WAY before the Ohio State Big Ten Championship Game)! Together, we’ll walk across The Link Bridge in Dublin, Ohio and stroll through Bridge Park, discussing the wellness topics that impact you the most – with an emphasis on hormones.

You Deserve To Feel Your Best 

That time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hectic. Travel plans, seasonal visitors, PTO that you have to burn through before it expires – we get it! Together, we’ll use this one week of mindfulness to dull the chaos, reset our bodies, refocus our gratitude and hit the holidays as our best selves. Do you have any additional questions about this event?

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