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By Nikki Rucinsky |

Father’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas 

The Guys In Your Life Deserve To Feel Their Best — This Year & Every Year!

It’s that time again. You try to come up with the perfect gift, only to realize that men? They seem to just buy the stuff they want the moment they want it! It’s frustratingly straightforward and makes gift-giving difficult. We get it!

But there is one area that guys tend to overlook all too often: their bodies. 

To help you on this journey, we have come up with a variety of nonsurgical treatments as part of our Father’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas guide. Each option found here is configured to boost confidence and provide tangible results, all without taking away too much from his schedule. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023

The Gentleman’s Facial: Lifting The Weight Of The World In One Treatment

Shaving, aging and daily stress can take a toll on the body. Our bespoke Gentleman’s Facial is designed to take all of that away by exfoliating the skin and adding back some much-needed vitamins, peptides and growth factors. Included with this treatment is a hand and arm massage to complete the truly luxurious medspa experience. 

The invigorating aromas. The tranquil atmosphere. The attention to detail. He will love it all! 

Two Different Types Of Hair Removal Treatments

Body hair can be a sensitive subject for guys. While some men wear their body hair with pride, others struggle to be their most confident selves when their plume can be seen underneath their Polo. If the man in your life would appreciate some support in the grooming department, we have two excellent options available!

Body & Eyebrow Waxing

Our waxing services are a quick and easy way to give shape to those eyebrows. Full face, neck and even back wax treatments can also be employed to cover more surface area in just one simple session. 

Laser Hair Reduction

Forever Bare BBL is an advanced laser hair removal treatment that uses a powerful (but gentle) BBL laser to incinerate those problematic hairs. Our male patients of all skin tones tend to use this laser to target eyebrows and sideburns. 

With the exception of Anthony Davis himself, not many men want to look like Anthony Davis. (That’s an NBA reference — trust us, he’ll have a good laugh at that one!)

CoolTone: Give The Gift Of 20,000+ Crunches

CoolTone For Men

He goes to work. He goes to the gym. He goes above and beyond for you when given the chance. But those six-pack abs that he’s always wanted? They are elusive no matter how much work he seems to put in.

This is where CoolTone can do some serious heavy lifting! This non-surgical treatment uses electromagnetic signals to strengthen underlying muscles, giving those abdominals a serious workout and creating a nice contour — all while he relaxes in our soothing space. Our providers like to say that each round of CoolTone is like performing upwards of 20,000 crunches in a single session! 

Botox For Less Sweat and Less Wrinkles 

Neuromodulators are unique in that they can be used to treat both cosmetic and functional concerns with little-to-no evidence from the outside. Many men actually opt for Botox to treat Hyperhidrosis, a condition defined by excessive sweating. We won’t tell a soul if he wants to use this session to slow down the sweat glands or to stop signs of aging in their tracks — and no one else will be able to tell, either! 

Custom Skin Care Gifts For Men 2023

Custom Skin Care, Tailored To His Lifestyle 

Easy-to-follow. Medical-grade. Results-driven.

That old 3-in-1 bottle that sits alone in the corner of the shower? It symbolizes how some men feel about the world of cosmetics — surrounded by quality products that each have their own purpose, but stuck with what they’ve known forever. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

Our experts can create a truly custom skincare routine that is based on how he lives and how he wants to feel. 

Get In Touch For More Unique Gifts For Dads & Husbands 

After all, you can’t find “confidence” on Amazon! 

We also offer other treatments catered to men that will enhance his features and boost his confidence. Chin and jawline enhancement, PRP for hair restoration, Nutrafol supplements, CoolSculpting for eliminating love handles, and more.

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we have a team of skilled skincare specialists and medspa experts who can help guide you toward the perfect gifts for the guys in your life. We invite you to get in touch with us today to schedule an upcoming treatment.

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