Buttock Augmentation, Columbus Ohio (Butt Lift, Columbus Ohio)

Is a Butt Lift Right for You?

If you’ve spent countless hours working out in the gym performing exercises meant to round out your flat posterior, and you’re still not happy with the results, you might consider a “lift” with buttock reshaping or gluteal re-contouring. There are many new concepts developing in the sub-specialized field of aesthetic buttock surgery, and Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson brings the most current philosophy to his practice. He prefers to reshape the buttock by subtracting fat from the back, waistline and thighs, while adding fat to the hip indents and flat areas to encourage roundness, fullness,”hour-glass” or heart-shaped appearance. He does not specialize in creating especially large buttocks, or “shelves.”

When you want a rear end that is round and looks great in jeans, there are many alternatives, from liposuction of the flanks, thighs and back, to abdominoplasty and fat transfer. Columbus, Ohio, residents can opt for these cosmetic procedures to achieve a more full and pleasing look – a sexy new shape with beautiful curves.

What is Fat Transfer for Buttock Reshaping?

Fat transfer, or fat grafting as it’s sometimes known, uses liposuction to take fat from wherever you don’t want it – usually the belly, lower back, the hips or “love handles”— and moves it to where you do want it!

Dr. Donaldson collects liposuctioned fat using a sterile technique, and re-uses it during the same operation to smooth flat areas and hollows. Fat is injected into discrete problem areas, where they will thrive with a good blood supply. This is a very effective and safe cosmetic procedure for gluteal re-contouring, as it utilizes fat from your own body and does not require implants or foreign materials.

How does Liposuction Assist in Gluteal Recontouring?

Liposuction of the flanks, thighs and back will often restore the proportions of the waistline and shift the visual emphasis to create the illusion of a fuller, rounder buttock. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck often has the same effect by flattening the front so curves are more noticeable in the back.

Most patients experience swelling and bruising for several days during the recovery period, but they often get back to a normal routine very quickly.

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