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Breast Augmentation Revision Success Stories 

August 30, 2022

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing decision, one that inspires confidence, comfort and empowerment. While the surgeon will do everything in their power to deliver long-lasting results that match the patient’s goals, revisions are always a possibility as time goes on. This isn’t necessarily a symbol of fickle decision-making by the patient or poor craftsmanship on behalf of the surgeon — it’s simply an option each individual has in her back pocket if something goes awry or tastes change. 

Breast Augmentation Revision Columbus Ohio

Why Do Women Get Breast Implant Revision Surgery 

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we believe that any reason to get a breast augmentation is valid as long as it is a genuine decision made by the patient. We also believe that a person has the right to revise her results for whatever reason. 

Improve An Initial Augmentation 

The most common reason we see for breast augmentation revision surgery is to correct or improve the results of a previous surgeon outside of our practice. Once again, this isn’t always a knock on the previous performance — technology changes and techniques are always improving. For example: silicone implants are more popular now than ever. If you’ve been living with saline implants for years, you may opt for the more natural feel of silicone

If a patient wants the best results, Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert are ready to deliver them. 

Ammend Results Based On Personal Preference

Another popular reason for revisions is to change the size of the current implants, with more patients opting for a larger look than those looking to downsize. Desires change over time. What may have been perfect for you at 27 isn’t exactly what you want at 45. In some circumstances, patients wish to remove their implants altogether. This is completely OK and we are more than willing to help you reach these new goals. 

Address A Physical Change or Implant Rupture 

It doesn’t happen often, but implants can rupture. Our surgeons can replace the implant or remove them if a patient chooses to take that route. Patients may also develop scar tissue in the breast after their procedure, which can cause shifting, discomfort and an appearance that doesn’t match the original goal. Both of these situations are less common reasons for revision, but they do occur and our surgeons are fully prepared to address them.

One Patient Who Made The Switch From Silicone To Saline

“I had breast surgery about 19 years ago. I had the saline implants which I was really never happy with, but I just lived with them. I had one of them rupture, so then I did some research to find a good surgeon.” 

What Does A Breast Implant Revision Look Like? 

Dr. Donaldson Discussing Breast Implant Revision With Patient

Revisions are a fairly straightforward process! It really is as simple as scheduling your consultation, discussing your previous experience, explaining any physical changes that have occurred over time and discussing your new goals before scheduling your surgery. You don’t even have to have your medical records from your previous surgery to get a revision.

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the center, undergo general anesthesia and our breast augmentation surgeons will do what they do best — deliver the results you want at this stage of your life, whether it be a fat transfer, switch to silicone implants, techniques to improve symmetry or the complete removal of implants. 

Note: if we’re addressing a rupture, we ask that you get in touch with us immediately so our team can mitigate any risks. 

We’re Here To Make Things Right 

Do you have additional questions about breast revision surgery? Are you looking to correct a previous procedure? Our experts are on standby to answer your questions, book your initial consultation and deliver the results you’ve always wanted! 

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About The Author

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson is an experienced, board-certified breast augmentation surgeon with a tremendous amount of successful surgeries to his name, including extensive work with patients seeking revision procedures. He routinely teaches students and other surgeons about best practices when it comes to these types of surgeries.