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Breast Augmentation Implant Position

December 22, 2009

Breast implant muscle placement

Where Are Breast Implants Placed?

The breast implant may be positioned beneath the pectoralis major muscle in the chest (subpectoral, or submuscular position), between the breast tissue and the muscle (subglandular, or pre-pectoral position), or in a “dual-plane” position which is a combination of the two. Also, the implant may be placed high in the chest, low, toward the sides or toward the middle.

It is important for a woman who is considering breast augmentation in Columbus, Ohio to carefully examine herself, and to think about where she desires more fullness, what amount of cleavage, possible improvements in symmetry from side to side. Dr. Donaldson considers this information essential to his discussions with patients about their goals and expectations, and he uses it to customize his decisions about implant position for each patient.

A decision to go above or below the muscle is often determined by several factors: the incision, the implant type, and the shape and quantity of natural breast tissue. If the incision is made in the armpit, the submuscular position is generally preferred because it is a simpler surgical plane. If the implant is filled with saline, the submuscular position may also be preferred to improve the natural feel and to disguise the edges. A large amount of natural breast tissue often makes a subglandular position desirable; whereas a breast that has dropped some from breastfeeding may respond well to a bi-planar position to encourage fullness toward the neckline. When augmentation is combined with a significant breast lifting procedure, it may be advantageous to protect the implant under an extra layer of muscle.

While some surgeons are only trained to place implants in one position, and others tend to fall into a rut using the same technique for every patient, Dr. Donaldson approaches each patient uniquely in Columbus, Ohio; breast augmentation results can vary remarkably depending upon the implant position.

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