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The Top 7 Fall Treatments

September 28, 2023

Top Fall Aesthetic Treatments

Our Experts Choose The Best Aesthetic Solutions As The Days Get Shorter

With the sun’s intensity waning and the cooler temperatures settling in, the fall season presents the perfect opportunity to explore a range of aesthetic treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty and address those lingering skincare concerns.

This time of year offers a unique window to revamp your appearance and boost your confidence right before the holiday season — without having to worry too much about sun exposure obstructing your results!

  1. Halo Skin Resurfacing
  2. BBL Laser Treatments
  3. The Perfect Derma Peel
  4. Laser Hair Removal
  5. Morpheus8 Body
  6. Lip Filler
  7. Plastic Surgery

Halo Skin Resurfacing Being Performed On A Patient

Halo Skin Resurfacing

Because the sun is not our friend after laser therapy.

At Donaldson, we consider Halo the quintessential fall treatment thanks to its unique ability to address some of the most popular skin concerns in just one session. Halo skin resurfacing works by using a laser to create tiny pathways in the skin before stimulating the production of natural growth factors. As the skin heals, radiance is restored, fine lines are diminished and you’re left with an undeniable glow.

However, as with many entries on this list, your skin will be left in a vulnerable state after your visit. The shorter days and reduced UV exposure that come with autumn make this the ideal time for all laser treatments.

BBL Laser Treatments

Because the summer was harsh on your skin.

Traveling across the country, hotel stays without your skincare products and those beach days spent basking in the sun can take a toll on your face. BBL Hero harnesses the power of broadband light to minimize sun damage, unwanted freckles and the appearance of age spots. Over the course of three visits, your provider will dial in the perfect laser wavelength to ensure you get the most out of this gentle phototherapy treatment.

The Perfect Derma Peel

Because greater outcomes require deeper treatments.

As our most powerful chemical peel, the Perfect Derma is a mid-depth peel that uses an ingredient called “glutathione” to combat free radical damage, restore cellular health and even inhibit the production of melanin to achieve clearer skin. It fights fine lines. It reverses wrinkles. It’s a secret weapon against Rosacea. And the best part? It is safe and effective for all skin tones.

One treatment is enough to tackle some lighter pigmentation problems, but our providers recommend a package of three total treatments to ensure the greatest results. Peeling and flaking also leave your sensitive skin exposed, making fall a more ideal time of the year to start your series.

Leg Laser Hair Removal In The Fall

Laser Hair Removal

Because your tan could get in the way of results.

Fall is widely regarded as the optimal season for laser hair removal mainly because the reduced sun exposure during this time minimizes the risk of post-treatment complications like hyperpigmentation or sunburn, as tanned skin can be more sensitive to laser energy. Cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to undergo the procedure without the discomfort of excessive sweating or overheating.

Starting laser hair removal in the fall allows multiple sessions to be completed before summer returns, ensuring that by the time warmer weather arrives, you can enjoy smoother, hair-free skin.

Morpheus8 Body

Because you can hide it under fall fashion.

Morpheus8 is such an incredibly versatile solution with its ability to tighten skin, reduce acne scars, melt away fat and even minimize the appearance of cellulite. While it is typically performed on the face and chin, our providers actually find that fall presents an opportunity to take advantage of Morpheus8 Body. Using the same device, patients can embrace the benefits listed above but also on their chest, abs, above the knee and more.

With fall and winter attire traditionally covering most of the body, patients can effectively shield treated areas from the sun, promoting a safer and more efficient healing process.

Fall Lip Filler Appointment

Lip Filler

Because swelling will subside by party time.

While lip filler can be safely administered all year round, it can be timed perfectly in the fall to give you the full effect just in time for festive gatherings and photo opportunities. Booking your appointment in October and early November also allows enough time for potential touch-ups and for the natural swelling to go down before the holiday season.

Additionally, the fall aesthetic is often associated with deeper, richer colors, making it the consummate season to achieve fuller, more dramatic lips that can beautifully complement your autumn wardrobe and makeup choices.

Just About Every Plastic Surgery Option

Because you finally have time for yourself.

The excitement of summer has begun to slow down, giving way to steady routines and cozy nights at home — making this time of year ideal for plastic surgery recovery. Breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction are all exceedingly popular surgical options in the fall months, partly because the bulkier clothing typically worn during this season provides an opportunity for discreet recovery. This allows patients to comfortably heal without drawing attention to their surgical sites.

By scheduling cosmetic surgery in the fall, patients can also achieve their desired results in advance of the holiday season, ensuring they look and feel their best for family parties and other season social events.

Paige Brudzinski RN Author Photo

About The Author

Paige Brudzinski, RN, is a top filler and aesthetic laser treatment provider in Columbus, Ohio. She routinely performs laser therapy and Morpheus8 treatments while also explaining the science behind each solution she offers. Paige is constantly perfecting her techniques and broadening her skill set to ensure she can help each of her patients become the most confident version of themselves.