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By Adrienne Yanich, RN |

Introducing Redensity HA Filler By RHA 

Redensity Columbus Ohio

Looking To Quickly Reduce Lip Lines & Wrinkles? This Treatment Is For You!

Redensity by RHA is the brand’s newest facial filler product and the first injectable approved for both superficial and dermal uses by the FDA. This revolutionary filler uses hyaluronic acid to rapidly reduce (or even eliminate) lip lines and perioral wrinkles. Redensity is dynamic enough to move with the natural motions of your face while being resilient enough to last up to 15 months.

We are proud to announce that we are one of the first practices in Columbus, Ohio to offer Redensity! 

Weightless Correction Without The Added Volume 

You laugh. You pose. You flash that alluring look when the time is right. Your face is the epicenter of expression, and we use this incredible treatment to restore the centerpiece – that vibrant smile you have always known.

Lipstick lines. Smoker lines. Barcode lines. No matter what you have heard them called, Redensity can smooth them out.

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A Closer Look At How It Works

There are 18 different muscles attached to the orbicularis oris – the all-important, multi-layered muscle that supports movement throughout the entire oral region. The perfect filler has to take into consideration each of these attachments. Because Redensity is so gentle and the injections are so fine, this filler can be strategically woven into the region to account for these muscles. This treatment also offers no ridges or lines, a low amount of swelling and even more immediate results than lasers. 

Beauty Is Dynamic; Your Filler Should Be, Too 

The area around your lips is almost constantly in motion, which contributes to a reduction in elasticity and an increase in wrinkles. But you shouldn’t feel anything less than blessed for having a life full of smiles! Redensity is the answer when it comes to smoothing out this delicate surface and adding softness to your look. 

Our Providers Are Trained To Give You Amazing, Longer Lasting Results 

RHA Providers In Columbus, Ohio

No matter how great the product is, filler is often only as good as the injector behind the treatment – and, at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we have the best Redensity providers in Columbus and beyond! Paige, Stacie and Adrienne are uniquely trained to apply Redensity to this sensitive area of the face. They maximize all of the product in the syringe to do even more with less. There are no wasted motions from our favorite ladies! 

Are You Ready To Smile With Even More Confidence?

Our team of experienced providers is here for you! We invite you to bring us your questions or to book your first appointment today. Are you a returning patient with a preferred provider? No problem – just let us know who you’d like to see and we’ll get you on their personal schedule! 

About The Author

Adrienne Yanich, RN is one of Columbus, Ohio’s most experienced injectable experts and tenured aesthetic providers at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. She has been certified by the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics in injection anatomy and continues to educate patients everywhere about advances in the fillers industry.

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