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Breast Implant Displacement Exercises After Breast Augmentation

February 21, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson narrates this instructional video that shows how to massage your breast implants after breast augmentation to prevent capsular contracture and encourage softness.

Video Transcription:

A few weeks after breast augmentation it is important to use breast displacement exercises and massage in order to achieve soft contours and to minimize capsule formation.


  • The first technique is to grasp the breasts on the outside and to push in with deep, consistent smooth pressure moving the implants together so that the breasts actually touch in the middle. This position is held for approximately ten seconds before it is released. This may be repeated several times.
  • The next technique is to take the hands on the inside of the breasts and to push out. Again this is a deep motion so as to displace the implant and not just the overlying skin and soft tissue. Again this position is held for approximately ten seconds each time.
  • The third technique is to place both hands above the breast – the nipple and soft tissue is gently elevated before pushing down firmly with both hands, to move the implant lower on the chest.
  • Last, the palms are grasped over the nipples and a deep circular motion is used, first clockwise, and then counterclockwise in order to achieve deep motion of the implant itself. Again, this is to prevent capsular contracture and to maintain a soft, natural shape.

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson