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By Katie Humphreys |

POV: My First Time Getting Lip Fillers

With a picture of Taylor Swift’s red lips in hand, I was finally on my way having lips that didn’t disappear when I smiled. This is the story of my first-time lip filler experience! 

First time lip filler expectations

Two Decades Of Thin Lips Was Two Decades Too Long

I decided to get fillers at 20 years old because, from a young age, I had always wanted fuller lips. As a teen, lipstick just looked … weird on me. Then, I realized it was due to the lack of surface area that the maroon pigment was holding onto. 

But I had reservations, of course. And my mom had reservations that I actually considered, too.

My Initial Concerns & Doubts:  

  • What if my lips become too big and it doesn’t match the proportions of the rest of my face?
  • Are my new lips going to make me look older than I am?
  • What if the filler stretches out my lips and I have deflated lips for the rest of my life? 
  • Or what if I become addicted to getting filler?

Spoiler alert: it’s not possible to form an addiction to filler injections, but you may love your results so much that you wish to maintain them long-term.

Lip Filler Inspiration
The actual picture I brought in for my consultation.

What I Asked For During My Consultation

“So, I want more surface area — not necessarily ‘plumpness.'” I explained to my injector — the amazing Adrienne Yanich. “I don’t want them to look round when I turn my head. I want my upper lip to be … taller?”

“I’ll inject for more height instead of volume,” she replied.

Wait — she can do that? So I’m not going to look like that one Instagram filter? Wonderful!

Was I going to get an exact replica of Taylor Swift’s iconic red lips from one syringe of Juvéderm? ….No. But I could get an enhanced version of my current situation. She said I will probably want to come back for another tube because of my current (small) state of affairs.

How To Prepare For Your First Appointment

I had my treatment done the same day as my consultation, which is pretty standard for lip filler appointments. You don’t have to get it done on the same day, but you can!

Here’s what you can do to prepare yourself like I did:

  1. Don’t drink caffeine for as long as you can go before: Did I have my morning Starbies? Yes. Was everything fine? Also yes. Nothing terrible is really going to happen even if you walk into the appointment with a latte in hand, but caffeine can cause increased bleeding, bruising, and sensitivity after your treatment.
  2. Record your TikTok transitions the night before: Don’t miss out on a fun before & after video! But you might forget to record the day of because you’re caught up in the excitement, and once you go back to the room, you immediately start numbing … which is simply not ideal.
  3. Cancel your plans for the next two days: Personally, I don’t mind going to a dark dive bar the night of my filler appointment, but I am not everyone. You will look a little wonky, so I do not recommend going to a nice place for a couple of days until your swelling & bruising subside. Plus, alcohol can make the filler recovery process take longer than it needs to! 
  4. Take a deep breath & let the numbing do its job: As an experienced filler patient, I must say that lip filler isn’t that bad. Once you are adequately numbed, it feels weird, but it doesn’t necessarily hurt. And I have a VERY low pain tolerance and an I-don’t-care-if-I-cry-in-public attitude. Lip filler has never made me cry!

After they’re finished, you’re sent home with an ice pack and new nerves that any small bump you make will completely alter the money you just spent. Your filler technically could move for the first 48 hours after your appointment. Really, as long as you aren’t purposefully trying to move the filler in your lips, it’s not going anywhere.

Adrienne Yanich - Lip Filler Injector At Donaldson Plastic Surgery In Dublin, Ohio

“You Might Hate Me Tomorrow”

Injectors can tell if you’re going to swell badly as they are injecting you. They can tell you a million times that you will likely bruise and swell and that you won’t see your final results for two weeks, but when that day 2 swelling hits, it’s like that warning was never said.

The thing is: swelling and bruising is truly supposed to happen. Your body is reacting to a bunch of new stuff trying to make room in a tiny space. Tightness is expected. Ibuprofen helps. And the injection sites (where they actually poked you) can hurt too.

Again, Ibuprofen works wonders. 

Trust The Slow-Build Process

Soon enough, your swelling will go down. Honestly, a lot of people will say that they LOVE their lips at day 3-5 swelling. If that’s you, you may want to get another syringe of filler to achieve the results you want. But you have to wait the full two weeks before getting more, so your injector can see how your lip filler has fully settled.

Two syringes were the way to go to get the shape I wanted. Because my lips started off so thin, two syringes still looks natural for me. 

Is Filler Worth It?

Yes! I will continue to get filler for the rest of my days. For reference, I struggle with pretty bad acne, and I would personally rather make friends with my pimples than reallocate my resources away from filler. I think everyone has their aesthetic treatment of choice — and filler is definitely mine. 

And The Most Important Chapter Of This Story: My Mother’s Reaction

For someone who was relatively anti-“me making any changes to my face,” she was obsessed with my results! It only took a second glance and she could tell — “oh my gosh, did you get it done?! It actually doesn’t look unnatural!”

Thanks, Mom.

Book A One-On-One Consultation & See If Lip Filler Is Right For You

Our Columbus, Ohio lip filler injectors (including Adrienne) are each trained in the art of cosmetic treatments. They’re also very real people who do this every single day and they aren’t afraid to answer any question you may have about other aesthetic procedures! If you’ve been thinking about getting filler but have been hesitant to hop in the chair, our pros will walk you through the entire experience and help you make the decision — the one that is best for you. 

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