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Should I Be Worried About Coolsculpting Pain?

May 31, 2016

Coolsculpting Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryCoolsculpting is a revolutionary new fat removal procedure that delivers noticeable results without surgery. The procedure requires the use of an applicator wand on the skin to freeze the underlying fat cells. While the results are less dramatic than with liposuction, Dr. Donaldson recommends the procedure to patients looking to attack fat cells without going under the knife.

Expected Side Effects

The Coolsculpting procedure itself isn’t especially painful, but it can cause mild discomfort while the fat cells are being treated. For most patients, the side effects are limited to temporary numbness of the treated area, swelling, and redness of the skin. But a smaller number of patients experience more intense pain as nerves begin to awaken a few days after the procedure.

Delayed Onset Pain

Delayed onset pain affects as much as 15 percent of patients, usually starting three or four days post-procedure. Some patients feel sudden, intense pain while others develop it gradually over hours or days as the stunned nerves begin to transmit signals again. The pain comes in many forms, from sharp to dull or burning, and it’s often accompanied by swelling, itching, and tenderness of the skin. Delayed onset pain usually subsides within 14 days.

Pain Relief

Over-the-counter pain relievers are generally very effective. Patients may be prescribed a non-narcotic pain medication to act on nerve pain, but most physicians recommend treating the affected areas with ice packs or heat pads, compression garments, and drinking lots of water.

Treatment Results

Many patients are happy with their results after just one Coolsculpting treatment, but others request two or three sessions to achieve the desired look. Most physicians encourage patients to wait for two months between treatments in order to see complete results.

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