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Breast Augmentation Cost In Columbus, Ohio

August 3, 2022

How A Practice Determines Accurate Breast Surgery Pricing 

One of the most common questions we receive is “how much does a breast augmentation cost in Columbus, Ohio?” Here is the answer: $6,000 – $10,000. 

Note: This is a complete estimate that includes every component of breast augmentation surgery. We will always stress the importance of asking for the total costs and a full price breakdown to get the most accurate picture of what you can expect. 

Why Is There Such A Range In Cost? 

Breast Augmentation Cost Columbus Ohio

The major components that control the range in price include the time it takes in the operating room, the type of implants used and the pedigree/experience of the breast augmentation surgeon. The complexity of your unique procedure is also a major driver — what may be more expensive for one patient may not even apply to you! At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we believe that the initial consultation is one of the most important parts of the overall process because it allows us to accurately quote your procedure, offer our financing options, and truly get to know you as a person. 

What All Goes Into Final Cost & What Is Included? 

  • All pre- & post-op appointments
  • All surgery center & OR fees
  • Post-op garments & compression bra(s)
  • Silagen (medical grade, anti-scar gel)
  • The breast implants themselves 
  • Any other procedures that may be performed at the same time (ex. breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.)

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into quoting a breast augmentation, which makes creating a one-off “estimate” quite difficult. We tell potential patients to be wary of one-price-fits-all practices because if that office is offering a canned price that is applicable to everyone, someone is getting the bad end of the deal — and you can bet it isn’t the practice. 

Breast Implant Surgeons Outside Of Donaldson Plastic Surgery Office

What To Look For In A Breast Implant Surgeon?

As mentioned, the total cost can hinge on the quality and experience of the surgeon you opt for. Let’s dig deeper into what criteria you can uncover before making your decision! 

Long-Term Positive Reviews 

Reviews go a long way in determining the strengths of different surgeons. We urge individuals to do some digging and see what sort of community rapport the surgeon has created over the years with their patients. How long have they been picking up those 5-star reviews on Google? How often do they update their patient testimonials? In the world of social media feedback, it can sometimes be easier to give negative reviews versus positive ones which makes those glowing testimonials even more powerful!

Authentic Industry Influence

Reputation matters a great deal in the world of plastic surgery. However, it isn’t enough to be pretty good at what you do. Techniques are improving every day and the best of the best are on the frontlines of these advancements. It helps to do some searching on various doctors’ pages, viewing their accolades and seeing what techniques they have adopted throughout the years.

For example, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson and Dr. Michelle Sieffert have been strong advocates of the dual plane breast augmentation method to help create beautiful results with minimal downtime.

Both doctors are constantly publishing free content to help anyone anywhere understand the art of this procedure: 

The Total Experience 

Breast Augmentation Consultation At Dublin Ohio Office

We have heard from far too many patients seeking revisions that their previous surgeon offered very little in the way of preparation and follow-up communications. Our patient care team is made up of the sharpest minds and most compassionate hearts Columbus, Ohio has to offer and they are endlessly dedicated to your comfort — from that first consultation to your surgical graduation and beyond! 

What people say about us and what we say about our practice are important, but the company we keep is also a reflection of our strengths and standards. You should feel confident about your decision. Knowing that you’re in the best of hands helps to build that trust. 

Have Additional Questions About Columbus Ohio Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

Our experts are on standby to help clear everything up for you! We understand that this is a big decision, and big decisions often require a great deal of research. We invite you to reach out today to learn more about what you can expect from the experience.

About The Author

Jeffrey Donaldson, MD is a board-certified breast augmentation surgeon with more than two decades of experience in the industry. Throughout his tenure, he has dedicated ample resources to providing accurate cosmetic breast surgery quotes that include all facets of the specific procedure.