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By Stacie Isler, PA-C |

What Is Daxxify?

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DAXXIFY™ (DaxibotulinumtoxinA) by Revance Aesthetics is the latest FDA-approved neuromodulator designed to treat glabellar lines (commonly referred to as the “11’s”) for a median of 6 months. This is twice as long as conventional neuromodulator products currently on the market. 

Does Daxxify Work?

According to clinical trials that the FDA used to approve this treatment, yes, Daxxify is effective at treating glabellar lines. After 4 weeks, 98% percent of patients achieved none or mild wrinkle severity and 88% achieved a >2-grade improvement*. Some patients maintained positive treatment results up to 9 months after their treatment. Initial results may be seen in as early as 48 hours after treatment, but the full results are most often experienced within 4 weeks. 

*based on a 0 – 3 scale (0 = no lines, 1 = mild, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe) 

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Why Does Daxxify Last Longer?

Revance’s Peptide Exchange Technology™ is the driving factor behind Daxxify. This is a proprietary, 35-amino-acid stabilizing excipient with a highly positive charge that slows down the fading of the neuromodulator in the body. This peptide is free of human serum albumin and animal-based components. This product is American-made and is classified as vegan-friendly. 

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Is Daxxify Safe? 

Yes. Daxxify (sometimes referred to as “Daxi”) is backed by the largest Phase 3 clinical trial program ever conducted for a neuromodulator designed to treat glabellar lines. The report concluded that Daxxify is considered generally safe and well tolerated by trial patients, with 0 serious adverse events recorded. 

What Are The Daxxify Side Effects?

Side effects are similar to what patients experience with most conventional neurotoxins. Here is how the side effects broke down among the 2,691 trial patients:

  • Injection site reactions – 9%
  • Headache – 6%
  • Eyelid Ptosis (drooping) – 2%
  • Facial Paresis – 1%

Note: Incidents of adverse reactions did not increase with multiple retreatments.

How Much Is A Typical Daxxify Dose?

The Food And Drug Administration is very direct in saying that “units” are not interchangeable. What may be considered “20 units” per dose of one product has no bearing on what “20 units” is of another.

Daxxify uses “40 units” as a dose to treat Frown Lines. Other conventional wrinkle relaxers offer positive results with “20 units.” This does not mean that a patient receives twice the amount of product or neurotoxin. In fact, the amount of core active neurotoxin found in one dose of Daxxify is comparable to what you will find in full doses of conventional wrinkle relaxer treatments. 

Have Additional Questions About Daxxify In Columbus, Ohio? 

As a new product, details about Daxxify are still being rolled out. You can read the company’s most recent press release here. Also, our team is well-versed in this treatment and can answer just about any questions you may still have! We invite you to get in touch with us so we can help clarify any information. 

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