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The Luxe Facial

An Alluring, Healing Medspa Experience 

When you’re in our medspa, everything is about you. The intoxicating scent in the air. The diffusion of stress into the atmosphere throughout the massage. The attention to detail provided by our esteemed skincare experts. Every aspect of this experience is catered to you and your needs.

With roots in biofeedback therapy, this propriety treatment establishes a mind-body connection that goes beyond skincare. It extends further than the aesthetic results it can achieve and sparks a physiological response that is often described by patients as “euphoria.”


Choose Your Scent

How Would You Like To Feel?


Citrus essential oils can uplift your mood, boost your energy levels, and help you stay alert and focused. These oils are extracted from the peels of fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, which are known for their bright and refreshing scents. They stimulate the limbic system in the brain, the area responsible for emotions, memories, and motivation. They are also believed to support the immune system.

Or Relaxed?

Floral essential oils can calm your mind, relax your body, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote better sleep. They are extracted from flowers such as lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, and geranium, which are known for their delicate and soothing scents. They can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and are also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Our treatment rooms are a studio of peace and a laboratory of health.

When Nikki and Tatjana aren’t providing mindful and stress-melting skin care services, they use their energy and wealth of wellness knowledge to bring to life fresh blends of rousing aromas to relax you in new ways.

Try Our Newest Custom Blend: The Mojito

This refreshing blend is inspired by the classic Cuban cocktail and features a combination of Lime, Spearmint, and Peppermint essential oils. The Mojito blend is perfect for creating a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere in your home or office, and can help to invigorate your senses and promote a sense of well-being. Try it today and experience the rejuvenating power of the Mojito!


Relive The Magic At Home With Doterra Essential Oils

“Scent” offers such a peculiar and powerful brain signal. It can help us relive our fondest moments in an instant and destress our day in just one breath. To help you rekindle this relaxation you felt in our medspa, we offer an array of essential oils to take you back to that special place in time.