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Why Shandy Loved Her Breast Augmentation Experience


Hi, my name is Shandy. I got a breast augmentation done by Dr. Donaldson. My goal was to get at least to a C-cup, because I have always had a flat chest, and I was very insecure about it. So, I went to Google and found Dr. Donaldson. I didn’t know anything about plastic surgery. I was nervous and scared, but he had great reviews. Everybody was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Donaldson was very nice and is very nice, they take care of your needs, and he wants the best for his patients. During the surgery, I was nervous, but everything went well and as planned. The recovery was not as bad as I thought, and I loved the outcome. And Dr. Donaldson and his staff are great and will help you with anything that you need!