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What Is The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process Like?


The process was extremely easy. I felt comfortable from the very beginning. The ladies that I talk to, no matter who, I called in- they were very friendly, knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed either.

When I came in, they gave me the time to ask the questions, look at pictures. They just they gave me that time, too, to feel different products and different implants and just walk me through the whole process.

So it was… you’re doing something huge to your body and you just really don’t know the outcome. And I just I felt comfortable the whole entire time. I was very impressed with the way that everybody was on top of things.

I got emails from the staff just letting me know what to expect. Every day. It wasn’t overwhelming either. I am so excited about not having to think about what bras are going to fit or what tank tops or dresses or any type of sweaters.

You know, I was extremely self-conscious. I was actually smaller than I was when I had my first child, and it was bothering me. I couldn’t wear dresses that were tube tops because they could never stay up. They always slid down. I was very uncomfortable. So now I’m just so excited. And I have… my self-esteem is just higher than it’s ever been. I could not be happier.