On a scale from 1-10, Tummy Tuck patient gives Dr. Donaldson a 20! - Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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On a Scale From 1-10, Tummy Tuck Patient Gives Dr. Donaldson a 20!

Hi! I’m a patient of Dr. Donaldson’s and I want to give a little bit of background on how I came into his office and my experience. So, I research a while, here and there, in Columbus and Cincinnati, different places, Ohio, etc.  When it came down to it, he [Dr. Donaldson] was my first pick, initially. He was excellent; treated you with respect and care. It felt like, to me, he was compassionate about his job and helping people achieve their goals. I was really comfortable, very comfortable, with the staff, as well. They just treat you really well.  I’ve seen other surgeons and did not get the same experience at all. So, I decided to go with him. Having done so, I had some fears, I was worried. Worried just about the the whole procedure. I had been carrying around this weight, this huge stomach, for most of my life and I really wanted to feel better about myself and going through with the abdominoplasty has made all the difference in the world after having 7 children. He made me feel comfortable. I went through with the procedure and the recovery staff was amazing, as well. As seeing my results now, a month later, the recovery was way more simple that I thought it would be and the care you get from them, in addition, makes you feel better as well.  I have recovered beyond what I thought I would and the results surpassed what I even thought he would be able to do with my stomach and I would rate him a 20 on a scale from 1 to 10 because I really am serious that he is an excellent surgeon. If you are looking for someone who cares, I would suggest Dr. Donaldson in a heartbeat!

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