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RN Chooses Dr. Donaldson For Mommy Makeover in Columbus, OH

Hi, I’m a mother of three, and after my babies I had a lot of sagging skin. No matter how much I worked out or ate well I could not get rid of it. It always hung over my pants, it was very uncomfortable. And of course breastfeeding children, they were asymmetrical, saggy — even at my age. So after talking to some people, — I was a little embarrassed about it — researching, looking at different doctors probably over the time period of a year. It felt very comfortable around Dr. Donaldson. I’m a RN, so I just felt very comfortable with the way he practiced, and the staff has been great here. I had the surgery which went well. Everything looks awesome; I feel so confident! The problem is I want to show everybody my breasts now, which is probably not a good thing, but I look great, and I’m so happy and confident.

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