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Patient is Excited to Smile More After Botox – Paul’s Story

My name is Paul. I was introduced to Donaldson’s, because I went on a family trip, and a lot of my clients was pointing out on pictures on Facebook that I wasn’t smiling a lot in these pictures. She was like, “Paul are you not happy? what’s going on?” And what I didn’t realize was I was very unhappy with the way I looked when I smiled. And so one of my clients suggested Botox. I called Donaldson’s. It was quick, it was easy to get an appointment. I’m going to say that the staff was really informative about what I can expect getting Botox for the first time. I’d never had it at that point in my life. Adrienne is who I see at Donaldson’s, and I do feel like that she’s very knowledgeable about the face- the way the face structure works. She always gives me the result I’d like to have. An example of that is like, you know, previously, when I smiled my cheeks would come up and totally, I felt like, covered my eyes, and then I had crow’s feet. Now I can smile, and I feel like I can see my eyes in pictures.

So after Botox, one thing I will say is that I smile a lot more. I seem happier. A lot of friends and family just say, you know, “what have you got going on?” or “you seem different. You seem happier,” and I think a lot of that’s just because I’m more confident with my image and more confident with smiling and I feel so much more confident in the way I approach people and the way I conduct business. So that’s been an amazing part of getting Botox. So that’s been my experience with Donaldson’s.

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