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“I Can’t Stop Wearing Crop Tops!” Exclaims Tummy Tuck Patient

I chose to come to Dr. Donaldson because I had a hernia that was actually sticking out of my stomach. And then I also had the typical, what people call, the “mom tummy,” so it had like some wrinkles, and it wasn’t the best looking. I was originally really really afraid of having surgery and from the minute I talked to Dr. Donaldson, I felt completely and totally at ease. And then every single step of the process, anytime my emotions would get the best of me and I would freak out, I would have some great interaction with the office. Angie was freaking amazing- she called me a couple days before my surgery. And then right before they wheeled me in, Dr. Donaldson’s bedside manner is amazing. He said probably the best thing you could tell somebody going into surgery which was pretty much like “alright well if there isn’t a problem, we won’t fix it,” and I came out with this beautiful stomach. And then throughout recovery, same thing, like Nurse Angie would call me, she guided me through my first shower and all those first things that I was terrified about. And then day by day I got through, and I just can’t stop wearing crop tops, and I’ve been so happy and love coming into office. I love the staff, and frankly I can’t wait to get a little bit more things done to continue feeling great about myself.

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