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Husband of Plastic Surgery Patient Says She is Very Happy

“This is a testimony that I wanted to give because of the great work Dr. Donaldson did on my wife. Prior to the procedure my wife was a very miserable person – and all of you married people know that when your wife is miserable, you’re miserable. She was not comfortable with her body and she wasn’t satisfied with how her clothes fit. She decided that she wanted to get something done. I encouraged her, but made sure she knew she didn’t have to for me, but if she wanted to do it I wanted her to be happy. We went through the process and she found Dr. Donaldson – he was a blessing, a God send because he did the procedure and everything went off without a hitch. She is more beautiful now than ever, not because of the procedure, but because she’s more comfortable and confident in herself. Her inner beauty flows out more than ever. I’m a very happy man.”

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