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Face Lift, Columbus, OH: Such a quick recovery period!

I was really feeling old. I have younger children, although I’m older in age, and I was at school with all the younger mothers. I hated the way that my jaw and neck looked, and really wanted to do something about it. I did go to several different places, and ended up with Dr. Donaldson. I felt most comfortable with him. He explained everything, and had a very gentle nature about him. I was nervous about the procedure, so that was important to me. The procedure was really not bad at all. Recovery was great. Comments afterwards have been wonderful. Everybody is kind of curious about what I did, wanting to know about the procedure and the downtime and everything. I’m extremely pleased. Everything that I wanted was accomplished. I wanted to get rid of the jaws here, and the flab under my neck, and that’s exactly what we accomplished. I had one girlfriend ask me, ‘would do it again?’, and I said, ‘In a heartbeat, I would do it again’.

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