Dr. Donaldson Helped a Mother of 4 Love Looking at Herself in the Mirror - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Donaldson Helped a Mother of 4 Love Looking at Herself in the Mirror

I’ve always been very self-conscious of my body, particularly my stomach and my breasts. After 4 children, they sagged obviously. I breastfed all 4 of them. Um, looking in the mirror after the shower every day, it was tough. You just didn’t… I didn’t like how I saw myself. Everybody always said, “Aw, she has such a pretty face.” But um, me, inside, I didn’t feel good inside. I got online and looked Dr. Donaldson up and had a consult and fell in love with the place. He was very, very nice, answered all of my questions. I was very comfortable around him, was very at ease… was very excited about what he could do for me. And found out that I was able to do it and went forward and had the surgery and everything went great. The recovery time was, uh, was a lot shorter than I thought it was. I was back at work within a week. And, um, very excited about the results. I love looking in the mirror every day. I still look in awe of myself every day. But very, very happy. And the follow-up, everybody was nice…nurses, Dr. Donaldson, very pleased.

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