Columbus, OH patient Gets the Breast Augmentation She's Wanted for 20+ Years! - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Columbus, OH patient Gets the Breast Augmentation She’s Wanted for 20+ Years!

I wanted to do something about my chest for twenty plus years. It was either I was young and wanted to and I was unsure if it was just an issue with self esteem, and I wanted to make sure I was over that. Then it was money, and then it was wanting to make sure I made the right choice. So, twenty plus years later, my very good friend and doctor highly recommended Dr. Donaldson, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s more than just the actual procedure and the results, it’s the staff. One of my major concerns was was it going to be weird, but it feels medical and professional, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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