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Breast Lift Patient’s Main Goal Was to Feel Confident in Her Swimsuit


I’m a patient of Dr. Donaldson, and I had a breast lift and augmentation done. It was an amazing experience. A little of my back story- I’ve been wanting this done for a long time. My husband and I love to travel, and I was literally, you know, breaking my neck trying to lift myself up to look good in my bathing suit. So that was my main goal, that was my main reason for wanting this done. We started researching. My husband is very good about making sure that I only get the best, and the Donaldson group is the best. After my initial consultation, we talked about it, and we said let’s do, it it’s time, you know. I said “we need to wait till retirement.” My husband’s like, “no, we’re going to do it now.” So, we did. We came in. The process was amazing. Everyone here just treated you like family, answered every question, and was never rushed. Day of surgery comes- the surgery center, again, everyone just treated you so special. There was never any worries. Just having the great support of everyone calling and checking on me, answering any questions if I called in, all my follow-ups have been great, and here’s my graduation day. I feel amazing, and I look amazing, so thank you Donaldson group!

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