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Breast Augmentation Patient Felt Pampered During Surgical Experience


After having two kids and breastfeeding both, I knew it was, you know, a personal decision for me that I wanted to feel good about myself and kind of get back to me. So, I started exploring breast augmentation surgery, did a lot of online research, and scheduled and attended a few consultations. From the minute I got off the elevator at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, I knew it was the place for me. The entire process from a consultation perspective was just very tailored and comfortable. I met with Bobbie and Dr. Donaldson during my consultation. They measured me, they wanted to understand my personal goals. Bobbie fitted me personally with the different implants and profiles. She steered me in the right direction as it relates to size. I’m incredibly happy with my results. I feel really confident and comfortable as far as the surgery process goes. Dr. Donaldson was amazing. He put my mind at ease the entire time and actually slid up bedside and held my hand as I was undergoing the anesthesia, which I joked with my husband was the most pampered I had been in years as a mom of two. Recovery was just as they had described. By week four, I’m feeling completely comfortable and capable to kind of get back to my normal routine.