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Breast Augmentation Patient is Excited to See What’s Next

“I’m here after surgery, a year later, absolutely loving my results, and I’ve only gained more experience by going back. I’ve gotten some botox as a preventative measure in the problem areas. I’m having a really, really good time enjoying what I’ve been able to do with the Donaldson family and also being able to go back to my clients who I talk to everyday and give them the confidence and empower them the way that I was empowered by one of my best friends. If you’re unhappy with something there’s a lot that you can do. It doesn’t mean that you have to go get surgery, but there are other things you can do and being able to go in and have an option, I really liked it. I had the best option with Dr. Donaldson. I did get a breast augmentation and later botox, which I love, so I’m excited to see what else is next. Maintaining and being able to feel really good about yourself is I think the best part of life.”

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