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Breast Augmentation After Years of Waiting!

I had been considering breast augmentation for many years.  Ever since having two children and losing most of my breast tissue and being very insecure, but also being very nervous and anxious, extremely anxious, about the procedure and electing to having surgery and maybe something going wrong.  I was just so impressed.  I saw many different doctors because I’d been researching this for years and Dr. Donaldson and his staff took the time, every time, with my kinda neurotic behavior, just to put me at ease.  I knew instantly that I felt at ease with Dr. Donaldson and his wonderful staff.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  The healing process was just amazing, fantastic, nothing like what I may have thought or have heard.  I was back to normal activity within just a few weeks working out and felt very much like myself, except for I feel like a way better one of myself.  So if anybody out there is contemplating this type of surgery I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson and his staff.  They did a fantastic job!”

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