SkinTyte Skin Firming Treatment in Columbus, Ohio

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If you have loose or sagging skin but don’t want to undergo surgery to achieve your dream body, there’s another option. SkinTyte is a non-invasive laser procedure designed to tighten and firm the dermis, or inner layer of skin. Loose or sagging skin can develop for a number of reasons, ranging from pregnancy to rapid weight loss. SkinTyte is recommended for people who desire mild to moderate skin improvement. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery of Columbus, Ohio, we offer SkinTyte treatments performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson.

What is SkinTyte?

When anti-aging creams are not enough and surgery is beyond your comfort level, SkinTyte acts as the perfect middle ground. This ground-breaking technology uses new advances in light energy to treat skin laxity in a safe and effective manner. SkinTyte can be used on the face or body to improve the appearance of aged or sun-damaged skin. When combined with a corrective BBL treatment, it can also achieve a firmer and more even skin tone.

How Does SkinTyte Work?

SkinTyte works by heating the collagen in the dermis layer of skin using infrared thermal energy. When heated, the body’s natural healing process kicks in to repair the skin, resulting in the firming of the tissues that make up the skin. Throughout the treatment, the skin is kept protected using continuous sapphire contact cooling. SkinTyte is virtually painless and typically requires no anesthetic.

What is SkinTyte Treatment Like?

SkinTyte is delivered in a sequence of fast, gentle pulses. For small areas, the treatment takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Larger sections of skin require more time. To achieve optimal, long-lasting results, we recommend three to five treatments. While everyone is different, results typically last six months to one year. SkinTyte can be used on nearly any area of body, including the neck, chin, jowls, and eyes. Tightening can also be performed on the chest, upper arms, stomach, hips, and knee area.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Directly after the treatment is performed, you can expect to have some skin redness or minimal swelling. These side effects are caused by internal heating that causes blood vessels near the skin’s surface to expand. Following your procedure, you’ll likely notice that your previously sagging skin is firmer and more vibrant than before, and your skin’s overall elasticity will continue to improve as your skin continues to build collagen for several more months.

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson has more than a decade of medical training, education, and experience. He specializes in plastic surgery procedures for the face and body and offers several innovative skin care procedures for more beautiful, younger-looking skin. For more information about SkinTyte or any other treatments available at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, contact our office today.

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