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Covid-19 Updates

Donaldson Plastic Surgery Covid19 Protocols

How To Prepare For Your Next Appointment

If you are thinking about scheduling an appointment or preparing for an upcoming visit, know that we are committed first and foremost to the health and safety of our patients and team, while ensuring you have the quality experience we pride ourselves in offering. At this time, there are no restrictions in place in our office. However, there are a handful of considerations that can help improve your comfort and overall experience.

Our COVID Protocol

In accordance with the CDC’s recent recommendations, we are asking patients who are not vaccinated to please wear a mask when you enter the practice. However, you are not required to do so.


Help us stay efficient by ensuring you have completed any patient paperwork and/or consent form(s) through TouchMD prior to your appointment.


Donaldson Plastic Surgery has a world-class staff who, during our brief closure, established home-based call centers, virtual consultations, direct-ship skincare and other innovative improvements for our practice during this time, all while serving their families and communities. Now, we are all back to what we love most — helping our patients look and feel their best! And when you visit us soon, we think your experience will be better than ever.

Giving Back To Covid-19 Essential Workers 

Our team at Donaldson Plastic Surgery is passionate about supporting our community. We have exceptional patients who demonstrated kindness, concern, support and patience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while going above and beyond to help others in their careers and personal lives. As a way to lift these patients up, we came up with an idea: The Confidence is Essential Event.

More About Our “Confidence Is Essential” Event

We invited these fifty selfless patients to sit down with us and share their stories as essential workers during the pandemic. Listen to their stories in this video as they reflect on the toughest and most rewarding moments that they have encountered throughout the pandemic this year.

We Wanted To Help The Helpers

We selected FIFTY amazing individuals that were nominated to come to our COVID-compliant, outdoor event on June 13th, 2020 to receive complimentary Botox treatments. The honorees include essential workers, ICU nurses, pharmacy managers, mothers, and more, all who have worked tirelessly since March of 2020 to make sure those around them are taken care of.

Through our philanthropic extension DPS Cares, we have donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank to help provide necessities for our city’s most vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to alleviate the strain on local Emergency Rooms, our surgeons even established a pop-up laceration Suture Clinic to provide stitches for any who may be seeking emergent care.