3 Steps to Get Kissable Lips in Time for Valentine's Day

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By Tatjana Dzamov |

3 Steps to Get Kissable Lips in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and with all this cold and snow, there’s a good chance your lips are feeling dry and flaky. That’s not at all what you want when you’re about to pucker up! Don’t worry — there’s still time to get soft, kissable lips by the 14th. Just follow these three simple steps and you’ll be ready for your next big kiss in no time.

Gently exfoliate (at least) weekly

You already know how important regular exfoliation is for your face and skin, but don’t forget about your lips! Because our lips have a thinner layer of skin compared to the rest of our body, they lose moisture fast. Exfoliating is the best way to remove any dry, flaky skin that has built up on your lips.

The easiest way to exfoliate your lips — take a clean washcloth, run it under warm water, then gently rub the washcloth over your lips in circular motions to scrub away the dead skin. Sugar scrubs are also great for exfoliating the lips. If you don’t have one handy, you can always mix a little sugar and coconut oil together to make your own simple sugar scrub. Take a small amount of the scrub and use your finger to apply it to your lips, again using soft, circular motions. When you’re finished, wipe away the scrub using a damp washcloth and pat them dry.

If you’re taking the sugar scrub route, make sure you’re not using it more than twice per week or you could end up irritating your lips. Always follow up exfoliation with a moisturizing lip balm to keep the lips soft and smooth.

Keeping your lips moisturized is the key to having soft, supple lips. Apply lip balm throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated.


Apply lip balm throughout the day

Speaking of lip balm, we recommend keeping it with you at all times. Moisturizing is key to plump, kissable lips. Most people will simply lick their lips whenever they’re feeling a little dry, but this actually just dries your them out further! The best thing to do when on the go is to reach for your favorite lip balm. Just a quick swipe across your lips and you will instantly feel better.

Just keep in mind that not all lip balms are created equal! There are a number of products out there that are formulated with ingredients that can irritate and dehydrate the lips — the very thing they are supposed to be preventing. Before you buy a lip balm, check the ingredients for any of these red flags: fragrance, menthol, camphor, or salicylic acid.

You should also watch out for petrolatum. This ingredient is designed to seal your lips and keep moisture from escaping, which you would think is a good thing. But it also prevents further moisture to get in, so your lips end up drying out in the long run. Stick to lip balms that use natural oils to seal in moisture.

Drink lots of water

Are you getting your eight glasses of water a day? Well, it’s time to start drinking up. Not only is drinking water important for your overall health, it’s one of the best ways to keep your lips looking fresh.

When your body is dehydrated, your lips are often the first place it will show. They will look deflated and maybe even a little wrinkled, especially if you already have age lines showing around your mouth. All it takes is a tall glass of water to breathe life back into your lips! Get into the habit of drinking a full glass of water when you first wake up in the morning and start carrying a reusable bottle with you while you’re out running errands so you always have water with you.

If you’ve tried everything and your lips still feel dry and deflated, it might be time for a lip repair treatment! The treatment is great for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles to give your lips a more youthful appearance. If you want kissable lips and you want them now, this is definitely the route to go! To schedule a lip repair treatment, call Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions at 614-442-7610.

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