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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Eyelid Lift … Without The Lift?

Many companies have begun to promote “non-surgical blepharoplasty,” in Columbus, Ohio: eyelid lift without a lift.

Over-The-Counter Products Don’t Address Underlying Causes

Some medical offices and spas have perpetuated these offers, promising that creams, peels, lasers, probes or therapeutic massage will remove the dark circles and lift the sagging skin. Unfortunately, these strategies fall short because they do not treat the underlying anatomy – the muscles, fat and skin.

Retail Miracle Cures Can’t Counteract Natural Aging Or Genetics 

Droopy upper eyelids often tend to run in families, as mothers and fathers pass on such characteristics to their children. The sagging skin accumulates over time, leading to a tired, worn-down appearance and sometimes even a decrease in lateral vision. The extra skin will not go away with any amount of cream or laser; the skin must be removed by surgery to restore a youthful appearance.

An Eyelid Lift Is Likely The Solutions You’ve Been Looking For

Similarly, the lower eyelids become puffy because of a decrease in fat below the lid-cheek junction, and a protrusion of fat from beneath the eye into the lid. This can occur with thinning of the eyelid skin such that the darker muscle behind it shows through, hence the dark circles. Again, no probes or peels will reshape the fat or tighten the muscle; these maneuvers must be accomplished through the skill of a plastic surgeon.

Non-surgical therapies may seem less expensive than surgery, but added together they often cost more without ever treating the problem.

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