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Earlobe Repair for Stretched or Split Piercings

September 28, 2009

You wore the big hoop earrings in the 80’s, and now your piercings are stretched… Your friend pierced your ears for free, and now one earlobe is split…

Many women who are unhappy with the size, shape and position of their piercings choose to have earlobe repair. Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Jeffrey Donaldson performs minor office-based surgery to correct these areas and restore the earlobes to their normal contours.

Small incisions are often hidden within the natural folds and creases of the ear, and the scar is minimized with three layers of repair. As a courtesy to his patients (included in the fee), Dr. Donaldson will re-pierce the ears with sterile medical technique after several months of healing.

In Columbus, Ohio, earlobe repair is now safe, effective and affordable at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.