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Dr. Donaldson Explains Scarless Breast Augmentation

August 10, 2010

Seen this morning on Columbus’ NBC4i, Dr. Donaldson explains breast augmentation procedure where the breast implants are positioned by going through the armpit leaving hidden surgical scars.

Reprinted from NBC4i:

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is the number one procedure done in the US.

There were 289,000 done last year alone.

Doctors are always looking for better ways to perform the procedure — ways that give patients better results with less downtime.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, of Columbus, spoke about what he’s doing.

“We’re doing endoscopic, transaxilliary breast augmentation. It’s positioning the breast implants through the armpits and under the muscle,” Dr. Donaldson explained.

Typically surgeons cut just under or on the breast, leaving a scar, but Dr. Donaldson’s procedure creates only a tiny scar in the armpit, leaving no visible scar on the breast.

“These scars are really well hidden, way up high in the armpits, so this surgery is appealing because it leaves the scars off the breasts,” said Donaldson.

First a small incision, about a half-inch wide is made.

Then space is created for the implant, and then he deflates the implant. The doctor then fills the implant with saline once inside.

The procedure often costs about $5,000 and isn’t for everyone. Dr. Donaldson said the ideal patient is young and looking for a natural look. Patients can expect to experience a week of swelling and bruising.