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By Stacie Isler, PA-C |

Donaldson Plastic Surgery Is The First Practice In Ohio To Offer Avéli® 

This Revolutionary Anti-Cellulite Treatment Is Performed By Our Very Own Stacie Isler

Backed by clinical research, Avéli™ by Revelle is a first-of-its-kind, minimally invasive cellulite treatment designed to help women experience meaningful reduction in cellulite dimples on the buttocks and thighs in just a single, one-hour office visit. We are proud to announce that Donaldson Plastic Surgery is the first in Ohio to offer this game-changing treatment. 

Stacie Isler - Patient Care Director

“Patients have been looking for answers for years and years. This is the first time we found the right answer to a very common problem that experts weren’t able to solve before.”

Aveli by Revelle Logo

Precision, Simplicity & Power: What Makes Avéli The Best Treatment Option On The Market  

Cellulite is caused by a series of connective bands (called “septa”) pulling the skin down and creating that dimple. The handheld Avéli device is made up of a light that provides subdermal guidance and a hook that houses a sterile surgical blade. This tool gives Stacie the truly unique ability to navigate under the skin, clip these bands and physically remove the appearance of cellulite. While other options have popped up over the years, Avéli is the first to offer this incredible level of precision and efficacy, which makes for a more comfortable experience and even better results. 

“Other treatments suction up the dimple, but then when the blade goes underneath, it cuts all of the septa,” says Isler. “What you’re doing is cutting more blood vessels and connective tissue. That’s where you get extensive bruising. With Avéli, we can be picky and choosy about which bands we want to cut, which helps ensure a faster recovery.”

Aveli Expert Columbus Ohio

Understanding Cellulite Was Key To Reducing & Eliminating It

The experts say that the hardest part of finding the right solution was studying cellulite and figuring it out completely.

“We used to think there were one or two septa tethering each cellulite dimple,” says Isler. “We now think of septa under the skin like a bag of noodles – that’s how many there can be on some of the larger dimples.”

A Closer Look At The Avéli Process

Everything begins with a patient’s initial consultation. The individual will talk one-on-one with a trusted member of our patient care team to determine if their unique situation and goals align with Avéli’s strengths. For example: if the appearance of cellulite is caused by skin laxity, this person may be a candidate for a different treatment option, including surgery or Renuvion.

The patient will move forward with Aveli if they are of age, in good health and have cellulite caused by septa. We will also help determine the complexity of their cellulite and if they need to target the buttocks, thighs or both. 

How It Works:

What’s Next For A Qualified Candidate: 

  1. Arrive at our office in Dublin, Ohio
  2. Work with Stacie to mark up the deepest dimples and identify strategic incision points
  3. (Optional) Take pre-medications to help with any discomfort; some patients may also wear headphones at this time 
  4. Undergo local numbing in the areas that will be treated 
  5. Small incisions are made 
  6. The handheld Avéli tool is inserted by Stacie
  7. Stacie navigates the device past the deepest dimples, unsheaths the surgical blade from the hook and pulls the tool toward the insertion point as it collects and snaps the septa bands (this may be repeated a few times if there is more connective tissue)
  8. This process will continue until all areas have been touched and the majority of unnecessary septa have been disconnected 
  9. Bandaging will be applied to the incision areas
  10. Patients will experience some bruising, soreness and swelling that should be completely healed within 30 days (most often before); we ask that they activity to a minimum for 24-48 & wear compression clothes for a week after the treatment 

Our Patients Asked For It & We Responded – With An Incredible Answer

Stacie With Aveli Promotion

There’s one question we’ve heard possibly more than any other from patients over the years: “Can you help me get rid of my cellulite?” While anti-cellulite treatments have popped up in the past, we weren’t thrilled with their results, recovery times or side effects. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we only want the best for our patients — and the best simply wasn’t on the market yet.

Patience proved to be the right path forward as Avéli by Revelle became available to our practice in the spring of 2022. Instead of rushing into uncomfortable, quick-fix solutions, we were able to take our time to do the research, swiftly adopt the strongest solution the industry has ever had to offer and become Ohio’s first official Avéli provider. 

“This is the first cellulite treatment that actually makes sense. I can feel the cellulite release. The best part? It physically has to work.”

Stacie Isler

About the Author

Stacie Isler has been a certified physician assistant for the over 15 years. Starting out in the world of surgical reconstruction, the explored the entire spectrum of plastic surgery until she found her true passion in same-day, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. Her surgical knowledge paired with her natural eye for aesthetics makes her an effective and talented provider at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

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