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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Columbus, Ohio, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Donaldson Now Offers Innovative Option for Breast Augmentation

For Columbus, Ohio, breast augmentation, plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson offers an innovative procedure that delivers implants through small incisions under the armpit, providing patients with natural results that do not leave scars on the breasts.

Columbus, OH, September 01, 2010 ( — Breast augmentation surgery continues to be the number one cosmetic surgical procedure chosen by women around the country. While most women are thrilled with the size of their new breasts, some are not pleased with the scars that remain on their chest after traditional breast augmentation. Columbus, OH, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson provides women with a less invasive, “scarless” option that eliminates this common concern.

Formally known as transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation in Columbus, Ohio, it is performed through small incisions in the armpit using specialized technology. In a recent interview, Dr. Donaldson stated “surgeons traditionally cut around the nipple or near the lower breast fold – but both create visible scars on the breast.” According to further comments by Dr. Donaldson on Columbus NBC4i, the new procedure is different because “these scars are really well hidden, high up into the armpit on both sides.” The new breast augmentation option is sometimes called “scarless” because the location of the small incision makes them virtually invisible when a patient’s arms are not raised. Women have no scars on their breasts after the procedure.

When asked about the operation, Dr. Donaldson explained, “The procedure begins with a small incision about one-half of an inch wide. The implants are deflated and inserted into their positions under the muscle. Then, once the implants are in place, they are filled with saline and the wounds are closed.”

The benefit for patients is two-fold. First, the lack of visible scarring makes their surgery virtually undetectable. Second, the results are immediate and appear quite natural. One of Dr. Donaldson’s patients actually confused her primary care physician when she described her recent operation to him, after he had confirmed a “normal” breast exam!

When asked about an ideal candidate for surgery, Dr. Donaldson said, “The surgery is not perfect for all women who want a larger breast size. The ideal candidate is young and wants a natural-looking breast.”

Aside from the avoidance of visible scars, there are other benefits for women who choose the minimally invasive, or “scarless” breast augmentation surgery: the recovery time is usually brief, and the cost is comparable to more traditional methods. Five to seven days of mild post-operative swelling and bruising is common, but most patients return to work within a week. As of 2010, the procedure costs around $5,000.

Contact Dr. Donaldson to schedule a personal consultation for Columbus, OH, breast augmentation via his, call 614-442-7610.

About Dr. Donaldson

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson is a solo, private practice plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the breast, body and face. He is fellowship-trained, teaches students and colleagues, serves as a media expert on television and in print, and has received numerous accolades including the prestigious Patients’ Choice Award. Dr. Donaldson’s innovative techniques and attention to detail have attracted patients from across the United States and Europe to his practice in Columbus, Ohio.

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