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By Tatjana Dzamov |

Botox & Microblading

How To Time Your Botox & Eyebrow Treatments For Best Results

Can I Do Microblading After Botox

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, patients have never had more viable options than they do now. From chemical peels to medical-grade skincare products, to advanced laser therapy — there is just so much to choose from!

Botox & Microblading Compliment Each Other

Today, we want to discuss two of the most popular treatments we offer for the eyes and upper face: Botox & Microblading. When professionally administered, these two cosmetic powerhouses can compliment each other to inspire the confidence you’ve always wanted. That said, the timeline and order in which you receive this treatment can greatly affect your outcomes!

We’re Here To Answer Your Botox & Microblading Questions

How long do you need to wait between each treatment? Which should you get first? We’re here to help you set some realistic timelines and answer some of the most common questions about these treatments as you continue to be the most confident version of yourself!

Microblading being performed by Tatjana Dzamov at Donaldson Plastic Surgery in Columbus, OH.

If I Have Botox, Can I Get Microblading?

In the short term? You can, but we don’t recommend it. Microblading expert Tatjana Dzamov advises that you wait at least 3 to 4 months after receiving a Botox treatment to reduce any risk of negative aesthetic outcomes. 

Here’s why: by relaxing the muscles in your forehead, Botox can temporarily change the natural placement of your eyebrows. Microblading, a semi-permanent treatment, “tattoos” your brows in place. You will want to wait until the Botox completely wears off before committing to a microblading treatment.

Is It Safe To Get Microblading After Botox?

If your question is “is it safe to get microblading after Botox,” we can say there are no medical contraindications that would prevent you from pursuing both treatments. However, we strongly recommend you wait for the neuromodulator to dissipate to ensure there are no complications.

How Long After Botox Can I Get Microblading?

Our Senior Medical Aesthetician, Tatjana Dzamov, advises that you wait at least 3 to 4 months after your most recent Botox visit before having microblading performed to reduce any risk of negative aesthetic outcomes. At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately up to you and your provider! If your provider knows your skin and how you react to Botox, you can make that decision to move forward together.

How Long After Microblading Can I Get Botox?

Stacie discussing Botox and Microblading

We advise that you wait at least 2 weeks after your microblading appointment before getting Botox. This gives your eyebrows a chance to heal properly. This order of treatments is also ideal because Botox notoriously prevents movement and reduces sweating – both of which are actually positives when it comes to preserving microblading results!

What About Microblading In Combination With Other Injectables & Fillers? 

You may have noticed a recurring theme so far – 2 weeks. This is the rule of thumb that we use to allow the body to completely react and get to know any injectable material. If there are no adverse effects to your filler or other injectable, go ahead and amplify your look with microblading! 

Are You Ready To Schedule Your Botox, Microblading or Combination Appointments? 

Then we are here for you! As we mentioned earlier, there are some general rules that we like to go by to ensure incredible results but these treatments are bespoke in nature and you could be a candidate for microblading after Botox. We believe the sparkle in your eyes should never be out-shadowed by the lines around them. We invite you to get in touch with us today to book your appointment. 

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