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After Gynecomastia Procedure, Patient is Looking Forward to Being Comfortable in His Own Skin

I just want to talk about my gynecomastia problem.  Growing up, I was a little bit heavier as I was younger. And as I went through puberty, I noticed that I had a little bit of extra breast tissue. I grew up and I was rather skinny, however, the breast tissue kind of poked out through my t-shirts. Going into my late 20s, it was an issue that I just continued to deal with, whether it be work shirts or workout shirts. It was just something that kind of bothered me throughout the past few years, which led me here to meet with Dr. Donaldson’s office and his staff. Everybody made me feel very very comfortable.  They explained the process and what to expect and how they would proceed with the procedure. I had it done a little over a month ago, and I’m happy to say that Dr. Donaldson took great care of me. I’m very excited about going forward — no complications. It was a pretty quick and easy surgery. And I’m looking forward to the summer this year, being comfortable in my own skin.

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