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Breast Augmentation Patient is Drawn to Dr. Donaldson After Reading Testimonials

I worked out for years and I finally got my body to where I wanted it to be but then I lost any breast tissue that I had. I was feeling really down about that of myself, so I got on Dr. Donaldson’s website, checked them out and I loved what I saw. The testimonials were great. I came in with my mom, met with the staff and the they made me feel so comfortable, so welcoming. I came in, scheduled it, got it done pretty quickly. Recovery time was a breeze! I think I was down for a couple days but nothing major and then I came back in. Since that day, I  have been so happy with my results. I am finally going bra shopping with my mom this week and I can’t wait! I’m gonna get some bathing suits! I think I am more excited about that because last summer it [breasts] felt flat and this years it’s gonna be like, “oh hey!” so I am really excited. This is probably the best decision I have made because I feel so much better about my body than I did before so I am definitely happy.

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