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Breast Augmentation, Columbus, Ohio: Dr. Donaldson changed my life.

I’ve considered breast augmentation probably the majority of my life. I’ve always had small breasts. I met with a couple different doctors, but when I met with Dr. Donaldson, I met his staff, I met everyone in his office. They gave me such a warm comfortable feeling. Everyone in his office greeted me with a smile. The doctor greeted me with a handshake and made me feel very welcome. I knew immediately that was going to be the doctor for me. He made me feel very comfortable, his bedside manner was wonderful. He did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family. My mother even asked me about doing something – so she’s considering it! When I had the surgery, I figured I’d be down for about a month. I was only down for about two weeks. I took two pain-killer pills, no more. That was it. Very minimal bruising, just a little bit on the side. It went very well. It’s changed my entire life. I went out I went shopping, I bought all the clothes I’ve looked at my entire life and wanted to wear but could never wear. Now I can wear ’em. I’ve had a wonderful summer. He’s changed my life.

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*Earned by Dr. Donaldson