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“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for myself! I could not have asked for a better surgeon.”

Hi,  my name is Bree. I’m from Columbus Ohio. I chose to go to Dr. Donaldson because, for years, I’ve been wanting to do augmentation for breast surgery. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it because, of course, anyone who is going into surgery for the first time may be afraid because of surgical complications and it’s their first time, etc.  But after a while, and as I’ve gotten older, I did a lot of research; and now that I have actually decided to make that decision, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for myself! It completely changed how I felt. It’s changed my life. I could not have asked for a better surgeon. He definitely took into consideration my proportion, my size, and things like that, because I didn’t want anything like too big. I wanted something natural and something that would be complementary to my body size and he’s helped do that. The recovery has been amazing and now I’m here to give my testimony because it was a really good experience. So, I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

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