5 Signs that You Should Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

5 Signs You Could Benefit From Breast Reduction


Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast size. Many women who have large breasts consider breast reduction surgery because of back pain, difficulty finding clothes that fit, and overall discomfort. Those who are bothered by the size of their breasts should consider these five signs that it might be time to think about a reduction.

1. Severe Back Pain

Excess weight on the chest pulls shoulders forward, compressing nerve fibers in the back and causing serious pain. Some women also have headaches, shoulder pain, arm numbness, and nerve damage. The larger the breasts, the more pressure that is put on this area. With age, these effects also tend to increase.

2. Skin Rashes

With physical activity, sweat and dirt are easily trapped under the breasts, irritating the delicate skin in that area. This can lead to an itchy, painful red rash that often becomes chronic.

3. Trouble Breathing, Especially During Activity

The weight of large breasts can make breathing a challenge, particularly for women who are back sleepers. This, in turn, makes it more difficult for women with large breasts to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Challenges are often experienced during activities like running, aerobics, yoga, swimming, and team sports. While there are sports bras designed to support large breasts for physical activities like these, they are often costly and difficult to find.

4. Shoulder Disfigurement

Over time, women with large breasts may develop permanent grooves in the shoulders caused by bra straps pulled downward by the weight. Other women find that they become hunched over and are unable to maintain healthy posture because of their breasts.

5. Clothing Difficulties

Shopping for flattering apparel can be challenging for women with large breasts, especially when it comes to functional items like swimsuits. Many women also feel uncomfortable in clothing that emphasizes the breasts, and they may be concerned about unwanted attention. Self-consciousness is often compounded when large breasts are sagging or asymmetrical.

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