It is tempting to squeeze into one of the more recent iterations of high-fashion “shapewear” and avoid the anatomy of the underlying problem of the belly. As recently noted in the Wall Street Journal, this approach has clear drawbacks:

As men and women age, the cycles of weight loss and gain, exercise success and failure, pregnancy, dietary and nutritional changes and genetic influences tend to distort the abdomen. The skin may stretch, fat may accumulate and the muscles may thin and spread apart. Routine
surgical procedures such as hernia repairs, c-sections and appendix removals can also contribute to these changes. The safest, most attractive and durable treatment for this common set of concerns is the Tummy Tuck. Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Jeffrey Donaldson addresses each aspect of the tummy tuck with equal care. First, he removes the loose, wrinkled, stretched skin to ensure a smoother, tighter appearance. He then removes any extra fat, including the “love handles” on the flanks. Finally, he cinches in the muscles to better define the “six-pack” and eliminate any bulging from muscle spread. If the belly button has been misshapen over time, Dr. Donaldson will revise it to be smaller, more vertical, and youthful in appearance.

The resulting scar should be as small, thin and unnoticeable as possible. Dr. Donaldson works with each of his patients to understand where they want the scar positioned — usually just under the bikini line to accommodate low-rise jeans, underwear and swimsuits.

In Columbus, Ohio, tummy tuck surgery is often considered an integral part of a complete “mommy makeover” at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Dr. Donaldson has experience and an eye for detail when it comes to this important cosmetic procedure.