"Two Days Later I Went to My Son's Basketball Game", Says Breast Augmentation Patient About Her Quick Recovery - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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“Two Days Later I Went to My Son’s Basketball Game”, Says Breast Augmentation Patient About Her Quick Recovery


So I had surgery I think four weeks ago today, I just came in for my follow up appointment and everything looks amazing. I literally for years, because I started having children pretty young, was very unhappy with the way that my breasts look, and knew that eventually I wanted to have an augmentation, but was very nervous. So I finally just did it. And honestly, pain was minimal. Everything afterwards was just like, two days later I went to my son’s basketball game… am I supposed to say that? I don’t know. But that’s how good I felt! I barely had to take any medicine and they just look so natural. I already have multiple friends scheduling their consultations with Dr. Donaldson.

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