Tummy Tuck patient chooses Dr. D. because of his experience with African-American patients, she says - Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Tummy Tuck Patient Chooses Dr. D. Because of his Experience with African-American Patients, she says

I wanted to have a tummy tuck for a couple of years now. I had been really nervous about it so I had been working out very vigorously but I never could get rid of the pouch. So, I started looking for physicians and came across Dr. Donaldson. The pictures that I saw were great but I was really looking for someone they had a lot of African-American patients because I was concerned about how my scar would look.  When I came in, his staff was great. Dr. Donaldson is awesome. So I scheduled my procedure. I was so nervous all the way up to surgery day but everybody made me feel comfortable. And remarkably, after surgery was way better than I expected. I wasn’t in as much pain or discomfort as I thought. I did have to take it slowly for the first couple of weeks but the recovery has been really good. I’m almost a month, and so far, very excited about my results.

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