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Tummy Tuck, Columbus, Ohio: Recovery was wonderful!

Hi, I decided to get a tummy tuck after gaining a little weight with my two pregnancies and have two c-sections I had a lot of scar tissue and a lot of extra skin, and I just didn’t feel like myself. I knew I was done having kids and really just wanted to get my body back.I had worked out a lot, every day at the gym and just really not seeing the results that I wanted. So I came in for a consultation and learned a lot about the process and procedures. The staff was great, Dr. Donaldson was great; took a lot of time with me just describing how everything would happen. Felt very comfortable with everything and then scheduled the surgery.

The day of the surgery I was nervous, but everyone at the surgery center was amazing. Again the doctor told me every step was going to be taken, so I felt very comfortable. And at about two weeks out of surgery I feel great. Recovery was wonderful, my scar is barely there even now and I know it will get even better and I’m very happy with my results. I’m so glad I did this even after two weeks and couldn’t be happier.

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