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Surgery Cures Columbus Patient of Puffy Nipples (Gynecomastia)

When I originally came to Dr. Donaldson, I definitely had some puffy nipples. It actually was something really hard to handle most of my life. Wearing t-shirts was probably the worst part — popped out constantly. I actually think I developed a hunch-back because I was trying to hide it so much. I waited 24 years to get it done. Finally, I decided it was something I really wanted. So, I came to Dr. Donaldson. The procedure was very easy; the recovery time was only a couple of days. It wasn’t that bad at all. Nobody had any clue that anything happened. It was really simple, and now I can wear t-shirts any time I want. I can take my shirt off at the pool. I feel a lot more comfortable, and I can already tell my posture is changing. Overall, it was a huge success and definitely something I recommend for anybody who is struggling with confidence issues or anything in relation to having puffy nipples.

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