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Sisters Love Their Customized Results from Their Tummy Tucks with Dr. Donaldson!


Hi, I’m Lori Williams. I’m Lorain Sanders. We are sisters. I’m the oldest. Yes, she’s the oldest. So my experience with Donaldson plastic surgery was awesome. I mean, of course, when you’re going through a time of wanting change, it’s so hard to figure out, you know, where you’re going to go, who are you going to go. All those things are so important. Don’t you think so? Very. So I stumbled across Donaldson Plastic Surgery, and when I from the first consultation, it was amazing. I called my sister like going crazy like “oh my god, I think i found my surgeon!” The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. Not just with Dr. Donaldson, but the whole staff from the front desk to the nurses to just to everyone, and I just really had amazing time here. and I told my sister like “okay I think I found somewhere for us to get out surgery done!” Yes, and when she called me, she was so excited I actually was thinking about going elsewhere out of state, and when she told me about him, I said “okay I’m going to meet him.” The moment I met him; he was the one. The staff from beginning to end calmed my fears, they helped me to see that my expectations had to be realistic, they let me know what was going on from point a to point b every step of the way, answer questions, answer emails, and what I liked about it- I felt like I was being a bother. Everything was done with a smile, patience, and not only that, the whole team is so confident that it boosted my confidence. confidence is through the roof. I’m a mom of four kids. I had a set of twins, and I was able to get a tummy tuck. Now, when I tell you I could truly say Dr. Donaldson understood the assignment. He most definitely. He did, he did. This whole experience has just took me to a new level. I’m just so grateful that I was able to find Donaldson Plastic Surgery, because, like I said, it was just something about this place that I really like, and I just I can’t actually can’t get away from it. Yes, Donaldson Plastic Surgery: Dr. Donaldson, Dr. Sieffert, the rest of staff- if you come once, you will come again. And I will say, if you have any areas of your body that’s not becoming to you, you should be coming to Dr. Donaldson!

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