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After Breast Augmentation Surgery, Patient Loves How Natural She Looks

Hi, I’m Mary. About four months ago, I had a breast augmentation done. It was kind of a decision that took a while to reach. I was always very self-conscious about my breast. I noticed they started to deflate over time. They were very saggy. I was very self-conscious.  I would buy the most padded bra I could get just to actually fill them out and make it look like I had actually something. On December 20, I actually had the surgery done. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. They look so natural and that was part of the reason why I chose to come to Dr. Donaldson’s office. Just because I have seen his results. They were very natural. It didn’t look like you just had the surgery done. Four days later, it was Christmas Eve and I was actually with family. Nobody even knew I had it done. We never even told anyone we were going to have any kind of surgery done.  Nobody even questioned! There was no like, “oh my gosh, you know what happened?”. Because, afterward, you know, you’re swollen. So I was like, “Oh, they’re giving grief about having a breast augmentation…”, especially my husband’s parents because they’re older. But nobody even said a word about it! So I just have to say it was the best experience I have ever had. The staff is phenomenal. It was very natural-looking. It’s not those balls you see there. I take off my bra and it’s very natural looking. You can’t even tell they’ve been done. Four months later, they look natural! I recommend coming and having it done to anybody who’s considered it.

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