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Otoplasty: Columbus, OH Patient Pleased With Her Results

For 30 years I thought very seriously about having my ears reduced. I did not know how exactly to go about it. I was on the internet and found an advertisement for Dr. Donaldson. I came up here and was very pleased with his personality, the office, and everything that I saw. I felt very comfortable, and I have to be very comfortable with somebody to be able to go forth with anything. I scheduled the surgery and it has been absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I have been able to wear my hair the way that I want to, I’m more comfortable when I go out, and it’s just been absolutely awesome! The people here, the staff, everybody have been very very helpful with anything that they can do; the follow-up. It has just been 100% positive with everything that I’ve had, no negatives whatsoever. I’m very pleased with the results.