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One Patient’s Journey After Surgery & CoolSculpting

Hi, my name is Valerie. And, I had breast augmentation, and I’ve done some CoolSculpting at Dr. Donaldson’s office. I feel ten times better now than before. I was working out all the time, trying to eat right, and I just wasn’t seeing the results that I thought I should be seeing. So, after the breast augmentation and the CoolSculpting, I see the results, I feel better about myself, and I’m more motivated to go to the gym and to keep working out and keep improving myself. I found Dr. Donaldson by doing tons and tons of research. And I’m so glad that I did. He’s amazing. He listens to you, he gives you feedback, and he makes you feel completely comfortable. So, I would definitely recommend Dr. Donaldson to anybody who’s even considering any sort of cosmetic surgery.

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